About us

Training and Equipping God's People To Go Into ALL THE EARTH!

An outreach ministry that looks to serve all communities near and far

Fresh Oil Kingdom Ministry is an outreach ministry that looks to serve all communities near and far. A ministry that is founded upon the principles of the biblical gospel of our Lord and Savior Yahusha (Christ Jesus). Yahusha is the center focus of our foundation in order to promote genuine love, hope, peace, truth, and salvation. Fresh Oil Kingdom Ministry will be impactful in the areas of those without shelter, clothes, food, elderly, widowed, fatherless, motherless, physically challenged, spiritually challenged, basic health, etc with love. Love conquers all and covers a multitude of sins.


Fresh Oil started as a bible study group amongst friends. Believing God for the unification of assembly and growing spiritually as a whole; we continue to break out of our comfort zones to embody what Christ intended His church to be. We want to create a place for believers to study in truth and love, all while advancing in Kingdom purpose and growing a heart to serve. Jesus is King of heaven and yet He came here to serve us and be the example of how we should treat one another. Our goal and mission is to follow the example Jesus set and operate as the Body of Christ. We want to allow others the opportunity to function with a church (body of Christ) and grow in spirit.


The vision of FOKM is to produce love and resources for all people. The charge of the Kingdom of God, is to facilitate compassion and help those in need. FOKM will strive for excellence to help all people no matter the background or need. Whether rich or poor, lost and confused, hopeless or broken, healthy or nonhealthy, it is our duty to provide resources, aid, and spiritual guidance to uplift our communities and bring light to a dark world.


Consider donating or volunteering for one of our outreach programs or events to help feed the harvest of God’s people.